MixPre-10T's package

Another Package

Sometimes Christmas arrives a little bit later… Finally a new Recorder has been added to the family! I am proud of my new Sound Devices MixPre 10T and I really want to use it as soon as possible. Happy new year everybody!

Scarlett 18i20’s package

New Equipment

The first of a series of packages has arrived! I will slowly begin to open an editing suite for my freelancing works. There is a plan for the future…

Andrea with the other VFS students on graduation day

Graduation Day!

I still can’t believe that today we graduate! I want to say thanks to all my instructors for everything they taught me and I’m sure today it will be an incredible day. I’m looking at the future with more confidence now and let’s hope it will be brighter than ever!

Andrea with the other VFS students in front of the Vancouver International Film Centre

Almost Over

We’re so close to the end of this incredible year! It has been a beautiful journey full of learning and fun. I am surprised how fast this last month has been and I’m pretty sure that we will finish really soon.

Kyma’s package

New Gear

I just received my new toy! I bought a beautiful software for sound design called Kyma made by Symbolic Sound and it’s AMAZING! I’m really looking forward to play and experiment with it.